300 Series For Stained Glass and Single Pane Protection Glass

The 300 series is the original aluminum double glazed church window that has been the “standard’ of the industry for over 60 years. It is specially designed to receive stained glass on the interior and protective glass on the exterior. This “Double Glazing” protects the stained glass from vandalism while also insulating from the heat and cold and reduces outside noise infiltration. The insurance and fuel costs can be substantially lower as a result of the “Double Glazing”. Venting is available to help eliminate condensation between the stained glass and the protective glass. Vent holes are screened and hooded to prevent insect, dust and water infiltration.


  • All frame and sash members are a full 2 1/2” deep and will meet or exceed AAMA P-C70 and F-HC70 monumental performance specifications.
  • The channel that separates the glass is an integral part of the extrusion that also acts as a condensation gutter, and helps prevent theft, and air and water leakage.
  • Either glass can be installed or replaced without disturbing the other. The exterior glass can be installed at time of erection to close up the building and the stained glass installed at a later date of the churches own convenience or when the necessary funds are available. (Art glass can be an excellent fundraiser.)
  • Ventilators are available as project-in, project-out and the standard horizontally center pivoted. (Center pivoted vents are recommended because the weight of the sash is evenly balanced for ease of operation and chain operation is a safe alternative to window poles.)
  • All double glazed ventilators are of overlap design to minimize sightlines.
  • The 300 series is interchangeable with and lines up with the 400 series.
  • Downloads: #300 PDFSPECS | CAD Drawings available upon request.