Church Windows

Sussman Architectural Products LLC church window frames are specially designed to receive both stained glass and protective glass in the same frame. Besides protection from vandalism and natural causes these church window systems provide enhanced insulation from the sound, heat and cold, and can substantially lower fuel costs and conserve energy.Church windows historically refer to windows made to receive both stained glass and protection glass in the same frame. This has been Sussman Architectural Products’s specialty since the company started in 1906. We have systems for insulated protection glass and monolithic protection glass.

In Sussman Architectural Products church window frames the separation of stained glass and protective glass is achieved by a channel that is an integral part of the extrusion. (Not an add on piece.) This channel acts as a condensation gutter and helps prevent air and water infiltration.

Sussman Architectural Products church windows can easily be vented to reduce condensation and heat build up between the stained glass and protective glass.

Sussman Architectural Products church windows are available in a heavy triple glazed system 6400 Series (stained glass and insulated glass) or a double glazed system 300 Series (stained glass and monolithic protective glass), with and without thermal breaks respectively. These church window systems can be configured with combinations of fixed, projected and casements and our 300 Series is even available with the historical church standard, the Horizontally Center Pivoted ventilator.

Standard anodized finished are clear and dark bronze. Standard painted finishes are white and bronze baked polyester meeting AAMA 2603. Custom anodized colors and high performance paint colors meeting AAMA 2604 or 2605 are also available. See Paint Comparison Chart.