Aluminum Extrusions In Stock Lengths Designed for the Stained Glass Trade

These aluminum extrusions are available to qualified glazing contractors and stained glass professionals for protective coverings of existing stained glass windows and for interior stained glass windows.

All sections are stocked in mill, painted bronze, painted white, clear anodized and bronze anodized finishes. Other finishes are obtainable. Sussman Architectural Products LLC stocks over a million pounds of aluminum. Besides the shapes on this page, we have thermal break window systems, double and triple glazed thermal break church window systems, and a large assortment of Alcoa sills, angles, channels and tubes. We welcome your inquiries.

Extrusion Selection Guide

The 10 Series

The 10 Series, like our 20 Series, is designed for protective glazing. These sections have heavy 1/8″ thick walls to give this series additional strength.

The 20 Series

The 20 Series is designed for protective glazing. These sections have the deep rabbet necessary to take the expansion and contraction of plastics and large pieces of glass. These sections have lighter walls and are more economically priced. A special “Tee” is available to vent the air space between the stained glass and protection glass. The venting “Tee” is available with screens and hoods to prevents insect, dust and rain infiltration.

The 100 Series

The 100 Series was introduced over 45 years ago and has become the standard for the stained and art glass industry. This series was designed for maximum strength and minimum site lines to enhance the beauty of the art glass. It is used mainly for interior applications.

The 200X Series

The 200X Series was designed for versatility and strength, and can be used for many different purposes. The 1 5/8″ depth combined with it’s heavy walls gives this series the strength necessary for most situations. With its various glazing beads it can accommodate glass or panels up to 1″ thick.