Architectural Aluminum Metal Bending from Sussman Architectural Products LLC

Since 1906, Sussman Architectural Products LLC has been a pioneer in the advancement of metal bending technology. Our innovative processes have resulted in many thousands of successful building projects that continue to stand the test of time.

Today, Sussman Architectural Products is a full service supplier of curved metal. This assures you of a single, reliable source for all your metal curving needs. In addition, we also offer completely engineered systems for windows, skylights, sunrooms, storefronts and other architectural metal and glass specialties. These systems have been designed for the most accurate and cost effective curving – giving our customers a tremendous competitive advantage in both quality and cost.

We also have the ability to curve most other architectural metal systems. We have done extensive curving of handrails, lighting fixtures, signs, shower doors, furniture, transportation parts and a host of other products for numerous industries.

Unparalleled Service

As a supplier and fabricator, Sussman Architectural Products can provide faster and more complete service than can anyone else. Utilizing the most efficient computerized curving equipment together with our state of the art 80,000 square foot manufacturing facilities, Sussman Architectural Products can offer a service time of one to two weeks for most orders.

For your convenience we can either curve your material or, with over 1 million pounds of aluminum in stock, we can often supply the material and save you money on delivery costs and shipping time. In addition, our years of experience in metal curving for leading metal suppliers has enabled us to accumulate a large inventory of tooling which will also minimize your costs and delivery time.

Technical assistance and price quotations are provided by our highly trained engineering and estimating staff with the aid of the most advanced equipment. Computerized shop drawings and engineering can also be supplied.

Versatility And Capability

With our various methods of metal curving, Sussman Architectural Products has the ability to curve virtually all metals to an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. We regularly curve aluminum angles, channels, rectangular and round tubes, pressure plates and caps, thermal break extrusions and brake metal shapes. They can be formed to circles, segments and ovals and can usually have tangents when required. We can also curve brass, steel, bronze and other metals.

As a leading architectural metals and glass manufacturer, Sussman Architectural Products has the capabilities of complete fabrication, saving you time and money while delivering you complete satisfaction with your metal service needs. Click on the above tab for more information on our bending services.

The following information should be specified when placing orders or requesting quotations:

1. Material to be Curved Please include the manufacturer and part number, if any, as well as a cross-section detail with overall dimensions and thickness. Not all material can be curved satisfactorily, however, with our experience we can suggest alternative solutions. In addition, our large inventory of channels, angles, tubes and specialized extrusions for the window, skylight and storefront trade can be used.

6063-T5 Aluminum alloy and temper is standard. We can curve almost any aluminum alloy and temper depending upon the limitations of the material. The alloy and type of metal should be specified. Thermal break material can usually be curved but Sussman Architectural Products should be consulted prior to ordering.

2. Finish

For economy it is preferable to have the metal curved with the finish on it. Extrusions can be curved in bronze and clear anodized as well as various painted finishes.

Most extrusions are curved prefinished with excellent results, however, we are not able to guarantee the finish. Crazing, peeling and blemishes may occur due to the nature of the curving process and the material and finish involved. A test curve is advisable if doubt exists.

3. Curving Axis 

4. Shape and Radius

For full circles, half circles and quarter circles the outside radius need only be specified and a template will be supplied by Sussman Architectural Products (Figure a). For segments and gothics the outside radius, rise, width and arc length should be supplied. (Figure a and b).

When straight legs are required they must be tangent to the curve with no break. (Figure c, d, e). They are recommended when the legs are short. When the legs are longer it often pays to mechanically fasten the straight leg on one side only. (Figure c and d).

An oval is wherever there are two or more different radii in the same shape. (Figure f and g). Because of the difficulty in bending ovals they may have to be made in two or more pieces and later spliced together by the customer. Templates must be supplied for ovals. For quotations the rise, width, arc length and radii should be supplied.

5. Quantity

Our diverse curving processes allow us to produce small quantities as well as large production runs. Similar extrusions and shapes should be combined where possible for quantity pricing.

When supplying your own material be sure to consult Sussman Architectural Products to determine proper size and quantity of lengths needed to accommodate waste and set up.

6. Additional Fabrication

Unless otherwise specified all curves will be shipped for field cutting, fitting and drilling. Sussman Architectural Products has the facilities for complete fabrication if desired.