Custom Architectural Windows

Sussman Architectural Products LLC windows can be produced in virtually any shape or size, with or without thermal breaks and with true muntins. They can be configured with combinations of fixed, projected and casements. Please see our Typical Elevations page for a representation of what we offer.

Sussman Architectural Products has dual finishing capability. This means that our architectural window systems can be a different finish on the interior and exterior. Sussman Architectural Products is able to do this utilizing our in-house Thermal Strip Technology. Two different aluminum extrusions are finished independent of each other and then joined together with two 6/6 polyamide nylon thermal strips. Besides being thermally efficient, these high strength strips have the same coefficient of expansion as aluminum so that dry shrinkage is eliminated and the structural integrity of the window is intact. This eliminates some of the issues with the dated “pour in the bridge” thermal break system and provides an element of added strength.

A wide variety of hardware is available to accommodate specific job requirements, and a full complement of aluminum panning and trim systems is also available to suit retrofit and new applications for all our window systems. No matter the scope or aim of the job, our design engineering department can always design new sections to suit any unique conditions.

Our standard anodized finished are clear and dark bronze. Standard painted finishes are white and bronze baked polyester meeting AAMA 2603. Custom anodized colors and high performance paint colors meeting AAMA 2604 or 2605 are also available.

Click here to view the Window Selection Guide, a list of all of the standard Sussman Architectural Products windows.

The Window Selection Guide lists all the standard Sussman Architectural Products window series.  Use it to find the appropriate design for your application.  Detailed information is available in PDF format by clicking the link to the right  of each series in the table below.

CAD details are available upon request

*Tested in cfm/ft at 6.24 psf.
**Tested no leakage at psf shown.
1. Protective and stained glass
2. Insulated protective and stained glass
3. Monolithic or insulated glass
§  Can be glazed from either the interior or exterior

All performance values shown on this chart are for products of a standard configuration, tested in accordance with AAMA specifications, in a laboratory under optimum conditions. They are provided for purposes of comparison only and are not to be construed as field performance values. Contact Sussman engineering for more information.