Stained Glass Protection Windows

While a triple glazed aluminum frame is the best selection for a new stained glass window sometimes an existing single glazed stained glass window just has to be covered for protection and insulation.

Sussman Architectural Products LLC manufactures custom aluminum stained glass protection windows in order to protect existing stained glass windows and their frames. We can fabricate custom windows based on the size and shape of existing window frames in order to preserve and protect the artistic features of the existing stained glass window.

Sussman Architectural Products has systems that are specifically designed to cover and protect stained glass. We have window systems ranging from light walls to heavy walls and in various depths so we are able to manufacture church window coverings for a variety of different situations. All of our protection windows can be vented in order to reduce condensation. Our systems are available with various glazing beads, to accommodate glass ranging from ¼” to 1” thick.

In addition to manufacturing custom protection windows, we also have aluminum extrusions in stock lengths available to order. All stock lengths are stocked in mill, painted bronze, painted white, clear anodized and bronze anodized finishes. Other finishes are available upon request. We have extrusions specifically designed vor venting the space between the stained glass and protective glass.

200X Protection Windows

The 200X Series is ideally suited for the protection of existing stained glass windows. It can be fabricated into an unlimited number of designs and shapes to keep the architectural integrity of the existing church window. If the protection window is used to protect a double hung window a project-out ventilator is used. The double hung stained glass window is lifted up and then the project-out ventilator is pushed out to allow ventilation. Venting is also available to help eliminate condensation between the stained glass and the protection window. Vent holes are screened and hooded to prevent insect, dust and water infiltration. Stained glass window coverings can also have insulated glass. For larger windows the 2400 Series can also be used.

200X Series Aluminum Extrusions