Sussman Architectural Products LLC skylight systems are fully engineered and designed to meet high performance specifications on all kinds of structures.
Our barrel vaults, domes, lean-tos, ridge types, canopies, shelters and walkways can all be customized to your designs
In addition, Sussman Architectural Product’s skylight systems are designed to accommodate virtually all kinds of glazing materials. Consideration is given to the difference in thermal movement of the glazing material and the aluminum frame, ensuring precise installation and requirements for your particular overhead glazing system.

Take Advantage of our Excellent Bending Capabilities!

Due to our excellent bending capabilities at Sussman Architectural Products, we can fabricate curved skylights, walkways, domes, barrel vaults and curved eave sunrooms. These structures feature tubular rafters and purlins, thermally broken frames, concealed fasteners and include both primary and secondary condensation gutters.

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